Torch and hailstone.

They are the English translation of two Proto-Germanic runes of the Elder Futhark, *kenaz and *hagalaz. (*Kenaz may also be reconstructed as *kaunan, after the Icelandic and Norse rune poems, meaning ‘ulcer’.) Very simply, they are the two opposing energies, fire and ice, that created the beginning of the world in Ginnungagap. Incidentally they are also my initials.

Kenaz is the torch. Certainly it signifies light and illumination. But it is fire, and it burns. It can bring pain and a burning urgency, like its other meaning ‘ulcer’. Kenaz is erosive, consuming curiosity and its resultant knowledge. Hagalaz is the hailstone. It is hardness and coldness. It can do damage, since it pelts down from the sky, but it is also the promise of a new start. The hailstone melts and becomes water. It is the crisis and the nourishing relief afterwards. Together, these runes form a cycle that represents my birth and progress as a Heathen: curiosity, crisis, relief and knowledge, &c.

This path is often full of cluelessness and pain, and I have come through every trouble with a little more knowledge than before. I am pleased to continue through these cycles of ice and fire if it means learning something about this world.

With this blog I intend to discuss these various cycles of challenge and learning, as well as things that I have learned about the community in general. There will be scattered thoughts, forceful philosophising, and UPG. My opinions are bound to change with experience. It is my hope that some of these thoughts and experiences will be useful to anyone else on a spiritual journey of any kind.