Religiosity Day-to-Day

Every day I try to maintain some feeling of spirituality. I kneel, say a short prayer, and put on my hammer as mindfully and with as much intent as possible. But sometimes it doesn’t work, and there are periods where I go without feeling very Heathen at all.

The road goes both ways. I’m feeling religious and I pray to express and experience that. I’m not feeling religious and I pray to maintain a routine and try and ease myself into religious feeling.

Recently, my question has been, “If I’m not feeling religious or Heathen at all, should I even bother praying/meditating and trying to get into the groove?” Because if it doesn’t just come, it’s not legit, right?

And more recently, I’ve been thinking, “It is what you make it”. Granted, even if I do sit down to do offerings more often or pray every day, it might not help me feel any more spiritual. But it does depend on how you approach it. If it’s a chore, it might not help you very much. However, if it’s an earnest attempt to connect and shift your mindset to a more reverent one that day, it will probably help.

Without intent, the action is just an action, the words are just words, and the altar is just a table with stuff on it. Without heart, you don’t get anything out of the process. My point is, religiosity day-to-day is effortful and it can be exhausting. But usually it’s worth it.

(For me at least.)

That said, and I often say this, just doing something every day can help you get out of a rut. It can help you stop feeling quite so crappy. It can inspire deeper feelings in you, whether you’re coming at it from a “sigh” sort of perspective, or from a “let’s do this” sort of perspective. I encourage daily activity of some sort. Personally, I hail my gods, say a few lines from Sigrdrifumal, and then put on my hammer. And that’s it. I can do more if I want, but that’s the bare minimum. If you don’t do anything at the moment, maybe try and put something together. Do it for a week or a month. See if you like it.