Avatar THI’m Katla Hrútsvinr. I’ve been a Heathen for eight years. I stumbled onto this path thanks to Wyrd and stayed on this path thanks to Heimdall, who is my main god. I hesitate to use the word fulltrúi, but it’s something like that. I have a Scandinavian focus, heavy on the Icelandic, less so on the Swedish. Recently I have also found my way into the Slavic pantheon with Veles; however, my focus remains on Norse polytheism.

Though I respect the oral and literary lore that is the heritage of Scandinavia and wider Germanic culture, I believe that the regular practitioner should allow room for individual experiences that may expand or deviate from tradition. As such, I strive for and welcome mystical experiences and what is often termed UPG. That’s not to say that such experience should not be sorted through and examined very closely; but what kind of lives are we living if we confine our minds and spirits to the pages of books and do not expand ourselves into the living world? I am not a reconstructionist, though I base my practice off of tradition. When in doubt, I return to the sources for guidance.

I live in Australia and am mostly solitary. I write stories in my free time and I have a Bachelor’s degree with Honours in Linguistics.

You can find me on tumblr at torchandhailstone.tumblr.com.


2 thoughts on “About

  1. Matty 23. March, 2017 / 09:48

    Great website, good stand on racism.I am new to Asatru in one sense but dreams and intuition have sent information and built low level relationships with the Aesir , Vanir since I was a young child.Particularly with Odin and Edun.Im interested with learning and participating in blots with others like yourself. Thanks again Matt

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