Finding Veles

I’ve ‘adopted’ another god into my personal practice. Surprisingly, to me at least, this god is not part of the Norse pantheon. You can’t help who calls you. Veles, of Slavic mythology, is the god I was talking about in my post Identifying a God – it took me months to identify him, and now that I finally have, things are falling into place.

I’ve always felt…different in and around forests. Specifically, dense, old, dark forests, with tall trees and thick canopies and plenty of moss and detritus covering the ground. Other people never seemed to feel the same way I did in forests. For years, I thought this feeling was just another example of Sehnsucht – my Ache – that feeling of spiritual displacement from a spiritual home or physical location where perhaps I’d never been. It only occurred to me a few months ago that that feeling could actually be the presence of a god.

Unfortunately, there are a shit-ton of forest gods around the world, so this search was not going to be easy.

All I knew was that this god was associated with dark, old forests, decay, and dirt. This wasn’t a hunter’s god, or a particularly friendly god; this was a wild god.

The search took months. It was full of panicked googled, a long list of potential gods it could be, and even a table of possible gods and applicable attributes that I filled in.

One night, I’d tried to put the search from my mind. I went to the movies with my partner. Before we went in to the theatre, something occurred to me: I’d completely overlooked the Slavic pantheon, which had never been on my radar before.

In a frenzy (this whole search was full of frenzy), I opened the Wikipedia page, and when I saw Veles’ name, a feeling overcame me like the wool had been pulled from my eyes. (Wool reference…very appropriate.)

I still wasn’t sure it was him. Weeks followed, of me going back and forth, doing more and more research. Veles isn’t primarily known as a forest god.

In the weeks (months?) that followed, I kept coming back to him. Eventually I did some divination. Some thinking. Turns out it was him the whole time.

I’m not accustomed to having deities from more than one pantheon, but I am forging ahead with this relationship. Veles is so different from the Norse deities I’ve known.



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