Lacking the Holy

Sometimes I forget how much work it takes to feel religious, to see the holiness in everything every day. I got really used to just walking outside and feeling at peace with the world. Feeling that everything fit together, that it was all flowing correctly. It takes a lot of work to get to that space.

And lately I’ve been busy. I’ve been travelling a lot every day, not getting a lot of time to myself, and not spending my little time on important things like religion. (Instead I spent it on doing laundries and cooking and maintaining my home. Which are essentials.) I don’t regret it; I’ve been staying with my partner and spending a lot of time with him, and it’s great, but my altar has been sitting here, alone, without me.

You can, of course, live every day reminding yourself of the holy things, and thinking of your gods, and saying hello to the spirits. But sometimes you need to just sit and pray or meditate or clean up your altar. Sometimes you need to spend the time really getting into a sacred vibe.

I’ve been paying for this lack of activity. I’ve fallen into a funk and all the days seem to run together. Due in part to other factors, I’m sure, but…I really need my religion in order to function and to be happy.


One thought on “Lacking the Holy

  1. Ossia Sylva 6. May, 2015 / 09:59

    Coming into paganism, and beginning a devotional practice, I got a hard slap in the face with the realization that this is Work. I grew up with the idealization of the perfect devotee… And I paid for it, had to learn the truth. It’s hard work to be religious – like you say, to see the holiness in everything.

    But it’s okay to also take a break, or have to rearrange the time. It happens. That’s how life goes. I’m sure the the gods/spirits understand… And, of course, They certainly won’t be averse to giving you a little reminder every now and then.

    Wonderful post. More people should read this, and understand that trying to live in the “I am one” vibe all the time flawlessly is impossible. It’s hard, hard work to get there. Hard work to stay there. But that is also a part of the Work… The work itself, and not just the fruits of your labor.

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