Things About Being Heathen That Piss Me Off

See also: Heathen problems. These aren’t things wrong with Heathenry; they’re things that come along with being Heathen. Here we go.

1. Trying to get out from under the shadow of the reputation of bigots in the movement.
2. Being such a small religion that no one takes you seriously.
3. Not having many other Heathens to talk to.
4. Not being able to (easily) find (affordable and tasteful) statues or supplies geared towards Heathens, online or in person.
5. Sort of being a Neopagan but also sort of not being a Neopagan. (So you’re, like, Wiccan? Nope.)
6. Not really having recognisable symbols besides Mjölnir and the valknut, when we’re not all devotees of Odin or Thor, but still want to be recognisable as Heathen.
7. Not having super clear (and historically precedented) rituals and holidays. (There’s no Heathen Manual.)


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