Wanting to Give Back

Why does my religion matter so much to me? Why do I love to talk about it to anyone who asks? Why do I feel this urge to build things here in our little Heathen corner?
I was thinking about my role in the community. It’s tiny. My role, that is. I recently took over admin of my kindred’s Facebook page. Sounds important, but all I do is post our meeting times when they happen. Still, I’m excited and honoured (and a little scared) to have that responsibility. I love it. I want to do more. The word “community” actually means more than a buzzword to me when it comes to Heathenry. I want to do stuff.
Why? It’s not because I want to proselytise. Gross. I mean, I love to see new Heathens and I like to let people know that we exist, in case they’re searching for something, but I don’t have a “Heathen agenda” to force on people.
I want to get involved because I’ve gotten so much from Heathenry. I want to be a bridge for new people on the spiritual search. I want to help people who are already here. I want to give something tangible back.
Because Heathenry has given me a feeling of wholeness. It’s given me strength. It’s given me pride. It’s taken away my bitterness. I care about Heathenry, and I care about the people who will find what they’re looking for here. I want other people to be helped as much as I was helped. Of course Heathenry isn’t for everyone. Some will dip their toe in the water and move on. But others might decide to jump in, and maybe I can tell them the water isn’t as deep as it looks.
I’m not old or experienced enough to be of much help. Someday I want to lead a kindred, or publish a devotional, or be a blogger for a religious website, or write Heathen fiction, whatever that might be (and I want to find out), but for now I guess I’ll keep on trucking and learning so I can be of more use one day.


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