Is It Me or Him? (Discernment)

I find it difficult to tell the difference between my inner voice and what might be divine communication. Of course! So does everyone. But in this case it’s not wondering if the warning signs and negative vibes are me or not, it’s wondering if the advice and positive influences are me or not. Because my god has never said anything hurtful to me and I don’t think he ever would.

“But, all this positivity, where’s the problem?” you might ask. Here’s a thing. I, like many people, value and desire (regular) communication with the gods. It’s reassuring. It’s a reminder that they exist and that I am not crazy. It’s a sign that I’m on the right track with whatever I’m meant to be doing. For me, divine input is also motivational. My current task is to take care of myself. My own wellbeing isn’t motivating enough for me by itself, but if I’m doing it for a god, the task is much more likely to get done. If I’m trying to do it without supervision, well, all bets are off. I need constant pushes.

(To be totally honest the attention is also nice. But the satisfaction of the human ego is irrelevant in spiritual matters in my view.)

In any case I have a couple voices in my head telling me to do things or not to do things. I know they’re probably all me, because they’re pretty quiet and vague most of the time. Sometimes they’re loud and clear-cut, and then I really wonder: is it me or Heimdall? Either way the message is the same. (Nowadays, anyway.) But if it comes from him, I’m more likely to actually listen.

The point is probably that I should be doing what I’m supposed to be doing anyway, whether or not that voice belongs to me or not. The real problem is that I’m not doing what I’m supposed to be doing, and my inner voices know it.

Hey, if I actually got stuff done, maybe I’d hear more from him. What a concept. But disobedient mortals are nothing new. Man, we must be annoying to deal with.


2 thoughts on “Is It Me or Him? (Discernment)

  1. Fjothr Odinsdottir Lokakvan 18. August, 2014 / 04:38

    ” If I’m trying to do it without supervision, well, all bets are off. ”
    Yeah. Me too. I feel like I’m failing at adulting in some ways, but being motivated by deadlines and others’ expectations/desires is a long, time-honored tradition sooooooooo I try to not feel /too/ guilty about needing the push. (And if I’m not sure if it’s me or Him, well, the thought that it -might- be Him, and He might get cranky if I slip up – not that He’s likely to do any kind of big smiting, LOL – is motivation enough. BETTER SAFE THAN SORRY.) Heh.

    We may be annoying, but I’m sure They are used to it at this point. XD

  2. firejourneygirl 18. August, 2014 / 10:29

    Even if he’s not supervising, I’m sure he would be happy to see progress. I don’t know if thinking about that helps with motivation or not. For me, sometimes knowing they will be pleased helps, but it’s not always enough to overcome my procrastination.

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